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About Us

Hailey Bee Charters & Tours Ltd. is a charter and tour company registered and incorporated under the Business Act at the corporate registry in the country of Belize. The charter and tour company is a partnership started by Mr. Lincoln Garbutt and Miss Gaby Willis. Mr. Lincoln Garbutt is Belizean born and holds citizenship both in Belize and the United States of America. Miss Gaby Wills the co-founder is American born. Furthermore, Gaby and Lincoln took a trip to Belize as Tourists and took both inland and Island tours in the country and carefully studied the industry to see the anomalies and infractions that exist, and vouch to amend it by creating a better Charter and Tour Company of their own. Therefore, after demographic studies, and first hand experience studies were done, Hailey Bee Charters & Tours Ltd was born on June 1st, 2022.

Therefore, the owner’s made it their duty to purchase quality equipment from abroad and hand selected a assiduous, passionate, qualified, highly experienced, and highly professional crew to give you the tourist a well informed, safe, fun filled, bang for your buck experience that will have you returning and telling others to come on board. Our boat Captain comes from the pedigree pool of captains in Belize, Captain Selwyn Wade has over two decades of experience, which makes him one of the most coveted Captains by many of our competitors, but for a hefty price and salary Captain Wade called Hailey Bee Charters & Tours Ltd. home. We selected the best, because we are fond believers that in order to provide the best you need to have the best. Captain Wade's experience on the waters of Belize made him a best kept secret as he knows all the great fishing drops, the channels, the mangrove and ecosystem is his playground. The Captain knows all the best swimming spots, the locations of the dolphins, where the crocodiles lurk, where the sharks are, and where all the best kept Islands are. Equipped with our new 10 plus passenger plus two crew, yellow and black, high bow skiff, 115 horsepower yamaha outboard engine boat is well equipped with the finest GPS system, so Captain wade can maneuver the narrowest of rivers and the vast Caribbean Sea. The boat is licensed, insured and inspected to be compliant with the rules and regulations set out by the Belize Port Authority.


What promise we guarantee our Customers?

  •  Experience of a lifetime.


  • Our Niche is to differentiate ourselves from competitors with quality, compliance, and added Value.

  • We put ourselves in you the tourist shoes, because we were once tourists ourselves and want to give a better experience than what we received from the competition.

Our Services

  1. River fishing along the mangroves.

  2. Sea Fishing and trawling for barracudas and various species of snappers.

  3. Hol Chan & Shark Ray alley and feeding the sharks.

  4. Night tours on the river to see night creatures.

  5. Barrier reef tour and snorkeling.

  6. Historical & Informative Sea tour from Caye to Caye 

  7. Inland Tours ( Zip lining, Cave-tubing and Maya Ruin Tours.


Some of our Destinations

 Shark- Rey Alley

Sand Bar 

Belize Barrier Reef

Our Professional Crew

Hailey B's Website photos -2063.jpg

Captain Selwyn

Captain Selwyn has been offering guided tours for over two decades, providing fishing and diving enthusiasts with the ultimate experience. His vast knowledge of the local waters and expertise in navigating even the trickiest of currents ensures that you'll be safe and have a great time.

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