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Owner's Message

Belize is a Tourist Destination that has for many decades reached the pinnacle of one of the most desired tourist destinations around the world. Furthermore, the country’s rich sea, cave and historical Mayan Pyramids makes us deduce that it is a must see place in one’s lifetime, which is supported by many accolades that have decorated the Country’s splendor, through many top magazine mentions. In addition, due to the high demand by International Tourists flooding into Belize, directly correlates to the large numerical increase in Charter & Tour businesses. Therefore, what separates Hailey Bee Charters and Tours from all its competitors?,You all may ask. Furthermore, I will assiduously try to give justice by answering that question with this message and will leave you all to conclude on a judgment.

Hailey Bee Charters & Tours spawned out of the most unorthodox & unlikely of places, a true story of hope, one that captivates the true essence of the adages “happiness comes out of sadness and Light comes out of Darkness”, and that basically sums up the core our dear Hailey Bee. Hailey Bee, one of the owner’s daughters who will live on through our business, as the business even bares her name, Bee as was affectionately called was a miracle baby born with a condition known as hydrocephalus. Hydrocephalus or ‘water on the brain’ is a neurological disorder caused by an abnormal buildup of cerebrospinal fluid in the ventricles (cavities) deep within the brain. In addition, our little fighter was given a grim prognosis that she will only live two weeks, but instead she gave us 8 beautiful years. Also, we have done this business so her legacy can live on, the only times Hailey was not sick was when she was on the water. Therefore, what is more fitting is to let our customers enjoy the water with tours, fishing, snorkeling, feeding the sharks, and share in that same joy Bee enjoyed.

Furthermore, we want to assiduously strive to be the premier Charter and tour company in Belize, to be of service to you the tourist, to do the most for you with the least effort from you, to be transparent in our business dealings, to give you the most, and most importantly to write an experience in your book of life with our charters and tours.

As Owner’s who were once Tourists ourselves we want you to have a safe trip, an educational yet fun trip, a trip where you pay your money and everything is done for you, a take away experience, a packaged deal that you want to return again and even refer someone else to gain that experience you had.

Lets enjoy Belize, the land of the Gods, the rich cave s, the historic pyramids, the most pristine waterways, the second largest barrier reef in the world, the sandy beaches, the delicious food, the diverse culture with Hailey Bee Charters & Tours.

Lets have fun with Hailey Bee Charters & Tours!

Warmest Greetings,

Gaby and Lincoln

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